Nick Harper - The Wilderness Years Vol 1-3 (3LP Box Set)  Ref: 099
Son of the legendary UK singer-songwriter Roy Harper, Nick was born in London and raised in Wiltshire. Having played the guitar from the age of 10 and surrounded by the likes of Keith Moon, Jimmy Page, Robert Plant and Dave Gilmour as he grew up, it was no surprise when Nick made his recording debut on his father’s Whatever Happened To Jugula? in 1985. Nicks a very true and honest character and his songs play out this part of his character, someone who wears their heart on their sleeve. A passion and intimacy thats to be applauded. All of these come to the forefront in both his writing and performing. Maybe this is why he has such a loyal and devoted following, that regularly turn out when he plays. It’s a refreshing trait, ‘honesty’ and Nicks is one of those that is freely expressive about the situation he finds himself in and in the way he sees the world around him.
Tracklisting -
Disc 1-Vol 1
Side 1
1. The Kilty Stone
2. Radio Silence
3. The Magnificent G7
4. No Truth Up In The Mountains
5. Acoustic Smithereen
Side 2
6. She Rules The World
7. The Verse Time Forgot
8. Watching The Stars
9. There Is Magic In This
10. Riverside
Disc 2 - Vol 2
Side 1
1. Foreplay
2. Love Junky
3. Stronger
4. 2 Secs
5. Real Life
Side 2
6. By My Rocket Comes Fire
7. Treasure Island
8. Blue Sky Thinking
9. The Field Of The Cloth Of Gold
10. Lily’s Song
Disc 3 - Vol 3
Side 1
1. Sunshine
2. Juicy Fruit Girl
3. Passing Chord
4. Breathe
Side 2
5. The Story Of My Heart
6. Love is Due
7. That’ll Do Fine
8. This Is The Beginning