That Petrol Emotion - In The Beginning...EP 10inch  Ref: 102T
With influences ranging from Captain Beefheart and his Magic Band; this EP includes a cover of Beefhearts Zig Zag Wanderer which was originally on the 12inch of Keen. To The Beatles, Television, Sly & The Family Stone and Can they were far more diverse free from the constraints of the commercial tethers that bound The Undertones. Media praise was heady too, from a youthful Rolling Stones to a revved up Television or The Clash crossed with Creedence the band felt liberated and energised by their newfound freedom and excitement.
Radio 1’s John Peel was big supporter and the band signed to Demon Records and released their debut album ‘Manic Pop Thrill’ which charted No1 in the UK Indie Chart.

Tracklisting -
Side 1
1. Keen
2. V2
3. Zig Zag Wanderer
Side 2
1. Happiness Drives Me
Round The Bend
2. Keen (4trk demo)
3. V2 (4trk demo)