Black (Colin Vearncombe) - Any Colour You Like Vol 1 LP  Ref: 058
Colin Vearncombe, the artist sometimes known as Black, was born in Liverpool on 26th May 1962, in the week that Elvis Presley's Good Luck Charm was at number one.
Like many nascent musicians, it was viewing of Elvis's movie Jailhouse Rock that fired his youthful imagination and spurred him onto picking up a cricket bat (for a guitar!)

Black signed to A&M after Wonderful Life was first released in 1981 on the Ugly Man label, denting the Top 75. Colin says 'I Liked Chris Briggs at A&M so I signed with them'.

The multi million selling Wonderful Life debut was followed by the sardonically titled Comedy. Comedy his most lyrical album failed to reach the height of his debut and relations with A&M became strained and after the third critically album called Black failed to sell, Black and A&M parted company.

Colin then set up his own label Nero Schwarz Label in 1993 and its first release was the fourth Black album titled Are We Having Fun Yet?. Once again the album enjoyed critical success and after a long hiatus in which Colin took time out to think long and hard about what exactly it was he wanted from his musical career he has been recording and playing live under his own name or as Black.

Tracklisting -
Wonderful Life
Water On Snow
Tomorrow Is Another Night
Fly Up To The Moon
Let Me Watch You Make Love
Two Churches
Ave Lolita